Monday, June 25, 2012

I know, the last thing I need to do is start another blog, but I realized that I had things I wanted to write that wouldn't really fit with the previous two blogs I had authored.  One was really meant as a family blog, not for public consumption, and the other was more about what I was making, not what I was thinking. 

So this is the thinking blog, and it will include things I am making and things about my family, but really it will be about the things I am thinking.  Which, as one smart-ass friend pointed out, is rather like a jar full of bees.  And like bees, if it gets shaken up too much it might get a little crazy and dangerous, but ... you're all brave, right?

So, about myself.  My name is Cara, and I have one amazing husband (and one not so amazing ex-husband), two children (who I call Pinky and The Brain), a house, a minivan, a yard with low-maintenance plants, two degrees in Fine Art, and a pair of steel-toe boots I live in most of the year. I was born in South Texas, grew up in West Los Angeles, lived in San Francisco, London, New Orleans, Seattle, San Diego, and now ... Indiana. My husband is an artist from Philadelphia, and so neither of us feel like we belong here, but as long as we're together we're home. Even if it does snow here.

I make ceramic art for a career, sometimes pots and sometimes sculptures, and my hobby is fibers.  I knit, spin yarn, and I'm learning to crochet.  Sometimes I write. As a child I was taught to sew by my grandmother, Mimi, and her friend Lilly, who was a professional seamstress.   My mother wasn't crafty, but she taught me to love art and books, to respect people, and to be a feminist and feminine at the same time.  She's my hero.

So there's a lot of bees in here, let's see where it takes us.